Doctor Assisted Suicide

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While taking your own life may be wrong, Doctor-assisted suicide should be acceptable because the patient or individual may feel the need to undergo the process of Doctor-assisted suicide because they are suffering from something that may be making life difficult for them. Also, people may feel the need to undergo a procedure like this because they feel like it is their only hope and they just want to be put to rest. The individual most of the time is experiencing something that some people cannot around them cannot understand and they feel like they are trapped in an unbearable situation that they cannot cope with and feel the need to ask a doctor for help and put them to sleep.

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Again it may seem wrong but Doctor-assisted suicide is the better alternative to having to suffer through all the problems and deep pain that the person may be facing. On the other hand it also it helps the individual finally be relieved of all the pain that they may be feeling on the inside and out. Although it may seem unlikely but there is a possibility that a person gets themselves into a terrible situation resulting in a horrible injury but it is possible. Chances are that someone might be put in a situation as grave as this. If so I should be legal for the person to make their own choice and chose to take their own life because this procedure gives them something that medicine cannot give them.

A good example of a people who may need this procedure might be patients that are Terminally ill meaning that they have a disease that is not able to be cured. These people would rather be put to sleep than to have to suffer the rest of their life knowing they have this disease that causes them such great pain and will never be cured. In a situation like that the person may believe that the best choice is to be put to death. Also being put to death by a Doctor is also the best choice for a terminally ill patient because it reduces the fear of the patient because he knows that his death will be painless and he wont have to live through his current pain and suffering.

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