Do We Need The Electoral College?

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The Electoral College votes is counted by the congress and as well as winner-take-all which gives stronger mandate to govern for the winning candidate. The Electoral College has the authority to go against the popular vote in their state, and I do not believe that would be indicative of real Democracy. Itr’s also an outdated system that promotes inequality to the candidates for president.

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I believed that Electoral College should be abolished because every vote should have an equal value, which means the winner should be determined by the popular vote. Another reasons why is itr’s undemocratic, and gives small state too much power.

Sadly, many Americans are blind to see the fact that the Electoral College is the means by which present day leaders are elected. Itr’s unquestionably unfair for everyone and there wouldnt be a point for people to vote anymore since the Electoral College violates the political equality because it values some peopler’s votes more than others. These individuals who are part of the electoral institution are solely in charge of electing the President. They cast their vote according to the popular demand, but have the freedom to swing against the popular majority. It should be abolished because it nullifies the peopler’s voice.

In order for the Electoral College to be democratic, everyoner’s vote must equal or counted. It can override the popular opinion of the American people. For an example, American presidential election held on Nov. 7, 2000, in which Republican George W. Bush narrowly lost the popular vote to Democrat Al Gore but defeated Gore in the electoral college.(Levy,

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