Do Stereotypes Use Framing Effects?

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Standard living with media or Stereotypes using Framing effects?

Picture yourself in a situation. You are given two choices and you must choose one. Situation A: You won a lifelong vacation.

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No stress. No work. All you should do is spend your days the way you want to. Situation B: Like A, you receive a vacation as well. This vacation though, is not as fabulous as the one prior and it is a little more crowded. But you can still spend it as you wish and it is free. Naturally, the choice most people would go for is A. While both instances offer a lifelong retreat, B has its setbacks. It’s limited and mentioned a lot of the cons to the vacation, such as being crowded, uncomfortable and lower quality than A. Even though, both are get-away trips, Situation A, however, shows no flaws. Like Situation B, it could have its downfalls too but the problems were not addressed up front. For all the readers know, Situation A could be as bad, if not worse than Situation B. But most would not realize it because of how fascinating it sounds. Stress free with no responsibilities. Media framing works the same way. Framing is summed up as a judgement or opinion about something based on how it’s presented to an audience. It is effective at catching the audience attention, whether it promotes good or bad impressions of ideas and people. Which brings up a question I had for a while, while are people, like the working and lower middle class are shown so negatively in the media? Often portrayed as uneducated and foolish in sitcoms and in the background on the news, it seems like the sole purpose of the working-class character is to provide laughs. The stereotypes have been around for decades and is slowly showing signs of ceasing. By using stereotypes and social framing, the media not only promotes close minded labels but also adds to the negative stereotypes of the lower classes all while marketing merchandise and unnecessary luxury items.

Today, the media is the primary source of information we collect. With computers, TV, smartphones and tablets, available to us, we know the most current events and see the latest trends with ease. Even author, Diana Kendall addresses how the media plays a vital role in society. In the excerpt, Framing Class, Vicarious living and Conspicuous Consumption. Kendall states that the media is so much a part of our culture, that it, simply does not mirror society, rather, they help to shape it and to create cultural perception.[1] (Kendall, 316) With so many ways to communicate along with the many ways to receive knowledge, faming has found its way into the media.

But why is it so important?

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