Disney’s 4 products in Hong Kong

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4 P’s: Product: Disneyland Hong Kong is the smallest Disney park (1. 3 square kilometers). It consist of the Theme park, two hotels and retail, dining and facilities. Disney Land Hong Kong offers lots of entertainment. It is a real family park, entertainment for all ages. In time of seasonality and special events there is additional entertainment, like themed parades. The Walt Disney cartoons are recognizable for the children from television. This is what sets Disney apart from its competitors. The park has attractions like the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and Tarzan’s Treehouse. For children these characters come to life and it really is an experience. They have trilling rides and Broadway-style shows. There are also nine shops, eight restaurants and guest service facilities. You can overnight in the Disneyland Hotel and the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. Price: Ticketing   |Adult |Child* |Senior | | | |(3-11) |(65 or above) | |Regular days |HK$295 |HK$210 |HK$170 | |Peak Days & |HK$350 |HK$250 |HK$200 | |Special Days | | | | Children under 3 – free. Tickets include all rides and shows within the park. Annual Pass |Category |Theme Park Access |Price | | | |Adult |Child* |Student Senior | | | | |(3-11) |(12-25) |(65 or above) | |Value |Valid on most weekdays; |HK$650 |HK$460 |HK$460 |HK$370 | | |more than 230 days; | | | | | | |some block-out dates apply | | | | | |Deluxe |Valid on most weekdays |HK$1,300 |HK$930 |HK$930 |HK$740 | | |and weekends; more than | | | | | | |340 days; some block-out | | | | | | |dates apply | | | | | |Premium |Valid all year-round |HK$1,800 |HK$1,250 |HK$1,250 |HK$1,000 | *Children under 3 – free. Tickets include all rides and shows within the park. One-day tickets to the park cost 26 euros for adults and 18 euros for children under 12 on regular days,

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