Disenfranchised Transgender People Of Color Current Events

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Ever present and always relevant, transgender issues deserve a lot of traction and there is this excelling push for reformation. Nonetheless, passionate hearts, old and young continue to fight for their own. Whether you are an ally or personally affected, the drive for change still remains. I, myself, a member of the LGBTQIA also referred as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual community, proud representative of the B and as a woman of colorI am fully aware that each sector holds its own truth and their experiences are indubitably un-transferrable.

More than ever, there is no denying every individual’s perception of others which eventually created a blatant divide. Different feelings and moments transpire between a white transgender’s experience and a person of colors’ painful journey that make their painful excursions unique. A deeply rooted discomfort that has been internalized. To continue, seldom does necessary amounts of attention go into pointing out the shocking hardships of black transgender people. Black issues are always current however this becomes incomplete without discussing black trans problems. Black trans people are largely misrepresented and undervalued. In this current event, I have studied and taken information from a 2015 U.S Transgender Survey that decided to expand on the issues black trans people face and record the stories of seven hundred odd people that volunteered to be apart this examination. Furthermore, participants were asked to discuss their home lives, their occupation(s), their experience, public accommodations, harassment and violence, health, and amongst many others.

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Correspondingly, findings that were pivotal to this study have been deemed alarming. This all considering the immense abundance of help and outlets provided to transgender people. Also coupled with noticing a certain level of uncomfortableness between black transgender people and public sectors such as law enforcement and the medical industry. We see the numbers and notice that the dissimilarities are continuing to grow. These points can be seen throughout multiple sections of life and more analysis share this them of concern. Research conducted by James, Brown and Wilson discovered that 20% of Black respondents were unemployed while keeping in mind that black people only take up 10% of the United States population (3).

Thus, concluding that the amount of unemployment amongst black transgender people is double the amount of black people in the United States (James and Wilson 3). Comparatively, to the 12% of white transgender people that are also unemployed. Also, 38% of them are without shelter and proper living arrangements juxtaposed to the overall national number of 29% (James and Wilson 8). For this reason, it is important that James and others report these findings to expose a national problem amongst disadvantaged individuals.

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