Discussing The Similarities And Differences From The Crucible

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In my essay I will be discussing the similarities and differences from the Crucible.The Crucible is written by Arthur Miller and takes place in Salem, Massachusetts. It was written in 1952 and was wrote because of McCarthyism. This book has a lot of drama involved in it and shows people turning back on whoever they could to save themselves.

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When reading the book and watching the movie, just like any other there is going to be some changes either added or taken away. For the main part, they do it to make it more interesting. I picked to do my essay this way because I think it will be more organized way to explain it.

Likewise, There is two similarities that I saw between the book and the movie which are when Abigail threatens the girls to lie or else she will do something to them and the second similarity is when abigail steals Reverend Parrisr’s money. When abigail finds out they are investigating about the witchcraft situations she gets angry and tells the other girls not to confess to anything. She knew if someone said the truth they will all get in trouble and she didnt want that. She made sure no one was going to say a word and basically told them to lie. Towards the end, not everything went as she planned. As well as when she stole the money, she saw that everything was going downwards for her. She made everything go to far and locked up the person she wanted, which was John Proctor. When she saw that happened,

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