Discrimination towards women, LGBTQ+A and African Americans

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Discrimination towards women

Gender, race, sexual orientation, religion and even political discrimination occurs more than some may believe in the professional field. Discrimination is having a negative stigma towards one because of who they are or what they believe in. In economics, the glass ceiling is “the unseen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements.” Initially, the metaphor applied to barriers in the careers of women but was quickly extended to refer to obstacles hindering the advancement of minority men, as well as women.

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The glass ceiling is a problematic issue in America that barely gets a wide range of recognition due to women being the minority in the professional and labor field, men have not made it a priority to pay women their equal share.

Women in America earn $.77 compared to a men’s $1.00. This actually only includes worth of white women, African American women earn $.64 to a dollar while Latino American women earn $.54. These facts are necessary to understand when speaking of progress, attitudes towards others and opportunities. These are women who have earned degrees and are working in their desired career whereas men earning a full dollar don’t even necessarily need a degree to make more than a degree holding women . Women who obtain Master degrees still make less than men who obtain Bachelor degrees. These horrible facts hold women back progression as a whole and it gives men an upper advantage that isn’t fair.

When speaking of progress, if a women is earning only $..77, $.64 and $.54 to a men’s dollar, what hope does that give young women who also want to earn a degree and become the head of their household, if necessary? This gives little to no hope because no matter how hard they work, they will never be able to receive the amount that they are worth until they playing field is leveled evenly. Equality in America has been a struggle since one can remember, a white mans need has always been top priority while everyone else staggers behind him. White women earn more on a dollar than any other women which also causes problems within the feminist movement itself due to the fact that all women do not feel equal to white women. White feminist have rallied and protested only for those of their own kind and have prepared a steady life for them while women of color and other American minorities barely have a platform to fight from.

In economics, the glass ceiling is “the unseen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder,

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