Discrimination of Races

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Discrimination of races is something that is occuring in our society everyday. It still exists today because it started so long ago and once certain races had the hierarchy, some refuse to let go of the idea that they have more power just because they look a certain way and they choose to discriminate the minorities. Discrimination against a person’s race occurs when an individual or group of individuals are treated unequally because of their true or perceived race.

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I am researching the effects and origin of the idea that people deserve to be discriminated for their race. Racism has been going on throughout mankind’s history. It is based on the idea that one’s traits, social and moral, are given at birth by biological traits. A Belief that has come to be that different races don’t deserve to be together and should remain apart from another is the idea of racial segregation. The belief of racial segregation began years after the reconstruction time in 1877.

Many laws developed requiring segregation to keep blacks and whites separated and the blacks to be treated like they were below the whites. The laws were known as The Jim Crow Laws and were passed in the South for many years. The laws were objected by some but the laws did not go away and were most popular during the 1880s and 90s . The laws kept blacks and whites separated in buses, restaurants, schools, restrooms, drinking fountains, and most public places in general by putting up “whites only” or “ no blacks allowed” signs. They went on for decades and became part of everyday life and didn’t end until the 1960’s. Now there are laws that strictly forbid discrimination in public accommodations.

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