Discovery The Tempest

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“Discovery is an aspect of revealing what is not known. In William Shakespeare’s play, “The Tempest” play introduces us to unfailing phases of events that were experienced in the play. The events that have happened over the generation is being realized by the new generation concerning what happened in the when sailing back to Italy. The entire family had attended a wedding at Tunis Africa. Claribel, daughter of Alonso, was married to the prince of Tunis. A strong storm and lightning hit the ship causing the ship to sink. Those who survived the boat capsize were kidnapped on an island with each person splitting in his or her direction. The family reunites again, but Ariel magically appears in spirit form. It introduces us to the original background to the discovery by the new generation. Miranda represents the new generation. Her father Prospero is explaining to her of what had happened in the sea about twelve years ago. He narrates to her daughter the encounter in the sea that led to the wrecking of the ship they were looking at while offshore. He explains to her how she used the magic books skills to escape from the boat. However, they arrived at the island safely where both survived over the decade. Miranda realizes the tragic accident they faced while sailing in the sea. The narrations she is told also helps her discover that her father was indeed the Duke of Milan ship which her uncle, Antonio had overthrown his father with his friend Alonso the king of Naples. It was on these grounds that enmity between his father and his brother developed after they even imprisoned him. When they met after twelve years, Prospero is still angry that he rethinks of revenge due to the bitterness of what they did to me.

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