Disaster Management in Nursing

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Johnstone, & Turale, S. (2014) states, it is a frightening realization that the Emergency Departments (EDs) have not managed to take care of emergency patients, even on the normal days. This raises the question whether this same departments can manage the large scale disaster.

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In health care setting, the definition of disaster extends far than just an event that injures large number of individuals, to its financial, legal ethical and heath care implications. Critical analysis of these perspectives, as provided in this paper can offer the relevant institutions such as Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), Division of Injury Response (DIR) and National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) best strategies for disaster management.

Personnel’s Implications

While protecting the working personnel comes in as the priority, Johnstone, & Turale, S. (2014) notes that many hospitals, almost 70% lack special facilities and equipments for protecting the ED staff. The implication of this is that the ED nurses can fall victims of chemical and biological attack. These authors are also concerned that many of ED personnel are not properly decontaminated before arriving in the disaster scene. The ED personnel are also subject to secondary contamination, after the victims arrive in their health facilities. The secondary risk can be presented if the healthcare providers inhale the contaminated fumes from the exhale of the patients. In another circumstance, which is most probable, the ED personnel gets contaminated from the toxic products carried on the victims’hair, clothing or the skin.

As Johnstone, & Turale, S. (2014) presents the Acute Respiratory Syndrome in China and Sarin attacks in Tokyo as two major examples demonstrating the difficulties in protecting the health professionals,

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