Different Ways Of Doing Work At Home Business Essay

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The term Entrepreneur is defined by many scholars. A common definition says Entrepreneur is a French term for any person who develops and undertakes a new enterprise at some risk (or failure or loss). [1]


Marlow (2002) gave an insight into the concept of “Gender Entrepreneurship” that it is not restricted to only one gender now, somewhat due to many pressures faced by women; they have found the sight of their own and of their family’s economic survival by working alongside men (Kalim, n.d.). In the words of Moore and Buttner (1997) and Brunetto (2009), women entrepreneurs are defined as “those who avail their knowledge and possessions to initiate a new venture, who are vigorously involved in organizing their undertaking, and are the owner of at least 50 percent of the business” (Rashid & Anwar, n.d).

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The concept of Women Entrepreneurship is gaining importance among various classes of societies across nations. Female entrepreneurship is creating magic capacity to craft huge miracles all over the world and bring out potentially privileged women in the business environment and providing females with the ultimate joy of her decisions. Despite the importance of late, but well recognized women entrepreneurship; business is still regarded as a sphere of influence amongst men in any society due to various social aspects and prejudices against the women business phenomenon. Academic circles and government of developing countries have not properly highlighted female business owners, in spite of their momentous mark in entrepreneurial junctions. The business world has implanted gender gap and this incongruity is abundant in developing nations, which are socially and culturally towards the back and is characterized by societal discriminations. Wennekers (1999) discusses that worldwide, females are believed to be having a feeble gender in both physical and an emotional sense. Hence, the panoramas to expand into business experts still needs to be discovered and requires more concentration (Kalim, n.d.). Hisrich (1999) believes that women stay hesitant in startups merely because of the trends and pressures of the community and society. In developing countries, particularly, there are more of other aspects which influence a woman to stay at a distance in becoming a potential entrepreneur (Kalim, n.d.). Pakistan, being a developing country in the Asia pacific region has more number of women than men. Adhering to the patriarchal roles of both sexes in the country, a female’s position is believed to be fit in the home and not in the place of work, where a man is the sole income earner of the family. Thus, investment in women business or education is by far very less as compared to that of men. Pakistani women undergo a dearth of opportunities. [2] According to the Pakistan Economic Census,

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