Differences between Christianity and Buddhism

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Christianity and Buddhism have different perspectives on religious rituals, marriage and laws. People with different religious beliefs tend to have contrasting cultures.

Christians and Buddhist practice different types of rituals for their religion. Prayer is a ritual used in Christianity they pray to their God for guidance, prayer is essential in their religion but Buddhist do not pray to anything they mediate to let go of everything. Sunday services are done differently in both religions, Buddhist Sunday’s services are dedicated to meditating to Buddha with hopes of getting enlightenment. On the contrary, Christians Sunday’s services consist of prayer, praise and worship and a message for God’s people to get understanding. Christians and Buddhist have different views on communion. For Christians it is a time to remember Jesus Christ’s sacrifice by eating bread and drinking wine in symbolizing His flesh and blood, but because the Buddha did not say anything about communion Buddhist do not partake in that activity, it is not necessary in their religion. In conclusion Buddhist and Christians have different rituals for their religion.

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The viewpoints on marriage for Christians and Buddhist are different. For Buddhist marriage is not important, it is just an individual want. Whereas most Christians believe marriage is a gift from God so they should accept it. Christian marriage ceremonies are very elegant and meaningful because it exemplifies a covenant. If a buddhist decided to marry the wedding is very simple there is no dress code for the couple or the guests, the bride and groom might wear a Bhaku or just casual clothes. On the other hand, Christian weddings can be complex because of the preparations that need to be done for the wedding to be right in the eyes of God.

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