Diet Reflection

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This essay will explore the meal plans of a low cholesterol and high fiber diet and the restrictions that come along with it. There will be a section to identify what a patient with either one of these diets can eat at two restaurants in the area, Bartaco and Little Pub. As well as that, what a patient should eat at all meals, not just at these two disclosed restaurants. Lastly, the essay will speak about how to get a patient to adhere to the prescribed meal plan more.

Bartaco had a decent amount of options for someone on a low cholesterol and an abundance of options for someone on high fiber diet. A low cholesterol diet includes lean meats, fat free or low-fat options, olive oil substitutes, whole grains, fruits and lower salt amounts. Three of the best options on the menu for someone on a low cholesterol diet would be the tuna poke, rotisserie chicken, and the ceviche. The tuna poke is raw tuna with green and red onions, poke dressing, avocado, sesame seeds. The reason this is a good option for someone with a low cholesterol diet is because tuna is a lean meat which reduces the fat intake, this would help with keeping your LCL low. The poke sauce is very healthy as well, it has sesame oil, soy sauce, red peppers and macadamia nuts (“Ahi Poke Basic Recipe” 2001.) The only source of fatty intake is in the sesame oil, macadamia nuts, but all of these are healthy fats. They are better for you than per say butter or cooking with vegetable oil. At Little Pub there were far more options for a low cholesterol diet. The top three choices from Little Pub with someone on this diet would be the Santorini wrap, Napa salmon flatbread, and the peeking duck tacos. All these entries have a lean meat as the main aspect. The additives to these entries were vegetables and form of a whole grain tortilla or flatbread. These follow the restrictions of the low cholesterol. There is a lot of redundancy when you compare the menus; tuna and chicken are two options that are very available and eatable for this diet due to the lean nature of both proteins.

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