New England Puritans

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Personally, I think that the New England Puritans did live up to their vision of a community for a certain amount of time. I feel this way because they did in fact have a set of rules that mostly everyone followed. Also, they had a set form of government to follow, and over time they realized what it took to survive in the Chesapeake area. The Puritans had a very specific opinion on what they valued. This happened to be religion, and they agreed to live in a community that had those values in common. So, they started a colony that followed this example. However, if you are going to have a community, you must have leaders to make decisions. These were the religious leaders, who were also the political leaders. In this new government that they had created, they needed a set of rules that everyone must abide by. The religious leaders were very well respected, as well as listened to, so, therefore, this situation created a Theocracy (a government in which religion is the main motivation, and the religious leaders are also political leaders). This is very important because most colonies that were attempted at this time ended up failing due a lack of a set of rules. These colonies did not have a structured government! An example, in Jamestown, (the suggested destination of the Puritans), starved to death because they had no source of food. There was no leader to make decisions or create rules. The Puritans had a set form of rules that mostly everyone followed. This made sure to keep organization, arrangement and order in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The people of this colony understood what was necessary to make everything flow, and what they should do to avoid catastrophe. One member of the colony said,

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