Did Our Way Of Processing Information Change?

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Is Google Making Us Stupid? was a cover story magazine of the Atlantic, written by Nicholas Carr. It was published in July/August 2008. This article tells us how the Internet is affecting our way of processing information.

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Carr did his best to find all sorts of evidence to convince his audience that the Internet is changing our brain. He did his research on studies from different universities, bloggers, and his own experiences on the issue. Carr enables the readers of the Atlantic to relate/ engage their emotions to his own observations. The knowledge that was given was to appeal to readers if they agree or disagree. As a reader, I find his argument somewhat effective because I did a little research on him that gave him more credibility.

At the beginning of the article, Nicholas quoted a line from Stanley Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey, David Bowman states Ive had an uncomfortable sense that someone or something has been tinkering with my brain Im not thinking the way I used to think. Nichola is explaining how the supercomputer is messing with Dave Bowmans brain as a metaphor. When I did my research on Carr, whom is a known author for the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. One of his books in 2010, which was a Pulitzer Prize finalist and a New York Times bestseller. Throughout the article, he relies a tad bit on his fame to convince the readers that he is an expert on the subject. Most of what was mentioned in the article was based on his personal opinions on the issue.

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