Diabetes Prevention Programme

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Diabetes is a health problem that affects people despite their age. The program targets the young and working class generation through social media campaigns. The purpose of this project is to spread awareness of what courses diabetes, how to avoid becoming diabetic by living a healthy life and how to live with diabetes.


In the past, diabetes was associated with aging people. However, today its course has changed. It would not be a surprise to hear a case of a five-year child who has diabetes. There are adverse conditions that come along with diabetes, which mostly affects the eyes, kidneys, feet, nerves, heart, and brain. A lot of myths have been formed behind the courses and cures of diabetes. A large population lives at risk of getting diabetes and some already living with diabetes. People have been misguided by theories formulated as to the course of diabetes, and most of them are not aware of the real courses or how they can avoid being diabetic. The young generation needs to be aware of the risk their lifestyle puts them in and how it can affect them in future.

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The aim of the project is to bring awareness to the general population on living healthy with diabetes or living healthy to avoid it. The project will focus on correcting mythical concepts that have been instilled in most people’s minds, I being one of them till recently. Most believe that diabetes is coursed by consuming a lot of sugar, which is halfway true. Others believe that only obese people are at risk of becoming diabetic while some think it’s a disease that only affects the older generation. These some of the myths and misconceptions that we need to bring awareness to fight diabetes effectively. Science has not proved the exact course of diabetes yet, but in most cases, it has been associated with the genetic history of a person. However, by living a healthy life, even people with a diabetic gene history have been able to avoid the disease. The main areas that will be covered by this campaign are nutrition and physical fitness. First of all, there’s the theory that “If you are overweight or obese, you will eventually develop type 2 diabetes.”(Diabetes Myths) That’s not factually true. It’s true that overweight people are at risk of developing diabetes, but statistically, most of them don’t, and a lot of people with normal weight are living with diabetes. It is advisable that people should live a healthy life and maintain a normal body weight, but that should not be the only factor to consider as a way to prevent diabetes. Then there’s the saying that “Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.”(Diabetes Myths.) When it comes to health, not everything is in black and white.

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