Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

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One hundred million Americans right now have either diabetes or pre-diabetes, that puts them at risk for amputations, heart disease and blindness. It is achievable to turn around this epidemic; the word “epidemic” comes from Old Greek: ‘epi’ means ‘on’, ‘demos’ means ‘people’, so an epidemic is something we study with sterile statistics, maps, and graphs; but the truth is, it is something that impinges directly on people, on living, breathing, human beings.

Our culture is massively misunderstanding the true causes of diabetes, the cause and potential cure of type-2 diabetes as well as the cause and mitigation of type-1 diabetes. According to the CDC almost 10% of people in the U.S. are diabetic, and in addition to that, 70 million people are pre-diabetic.

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Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death, also a major cause of disability, amputations and blindness. As a culture we have singled out sugar as the main cause of diabetes; when in reality if diabetes is like a forest fire, sugar is more like a strong wind, it is going to spread the fire but it is definitely not going to cause the fire. We are going to find out what is actually striking that fire in the first place. There are two types of diabetes, there’s type-1 diabetes that was formerly known as juvenile diabetes which is insulin dependent and then there’s type 2 diabetes which is what 90% of people have.

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

Type 2 diabetes it’s somewhat caused by diet lifestyle; a study that followed 17,000 people found that for every 50 gram increase of meat consumption there was an 8% increased chance of getting diabetes (InterAct Consortium et al., 2013). The biggest cultural misconception about diabetes is that carbohydrates are universally bad and high protein foods are a good way to manage insulin; that is wrong because protein is insulinogenic as well. Holt, Miller, and Petocz (1997) published in the American Journal Clinical Nurtrition an index for the insulin production of various foods discovering that meat spiked insulin as much as pure white sugar and white pasta spikes insulin less than fish. All of this creates a pretty clear picture of how when you go on a vegan diet you can reduce your insulin levels by one-third as a study showed (Bloomer et al., 2010).

Saturated fat

There are a lot of mechanisms that animal products increase the risk of diabetes with; let’s look at saturated fat, we get our saturated fat from pretty much all animal products at least the vast majority of it is from animal products. The first thing to know is that insulin is created by the beta cells on our pancreas; a healthy pancreas can respond appropriately to incoming sugar,

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