Device Quote Analysis Juxtaposition

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Device Quote Analysis Juxtaposition

He did not believe that Hickock and Smith would be caught in Kansas City. They were invulnerable. (198) The second umbrella, blue and bearing the command Tan with Coppertone,’ sheltered Dick and Perry, who for five days had been living at the Somerset, in a double room renting for eighteen dollars weekly.

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(199) The somber, depressing mood of Dewey sharply contrasts with the bright cheeriness of Dick and Perry who have escaped to Florida. The juxtaposition of these two drastically different moods heightens the suspense of the book to the point of the climax. The intense emotional buildup hints at the final arrest of these criminals.

Simile The sound of Dick’s voice was like an injection of some potent narcotic, a drug that, invading his veins, produced a delirium of colliding sensations: tension and relief, fury and affection. (194) This simile compares Dick’s voice to a drug for Perry, which demonstrates the unique relationship between these two ex-cons. But Perry’s extreme reaction to Dick’s voice also shows the problems between them, namely a lack of trust and understanding and two very different mental worlds, which hints at more arguments to come. Moreover, this display of Perry’s anger reveals the volatile nature of his that his sister talked about. Situational Irony ?I told Dick, There people are telling the truth.

The one who lied is your friend Floyd Wells. There isn’t any safe, so let’s get the hell out of here. But Dick was too ashamed to face it.’ (239) The irony lies in the fact that Dick thought this robbery would be a big score, yet the entire motivation behind the crime, the Clutter’s money-filled safe, turned out to be false,

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