Development of management strategy for small company in a growing economy

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Development of management strategy for small company in a growing economy


Nowadays technologies are growing so fast that if we will not be able to adopt them in time, than our company becomes non-competitive. This project was done with an aim to apply gained knowledge’s in engineering and management course, to analyse how selected firm can be developed from engineering and management sides. Engineering studies will help from the one hand to apply engineering knowledge’s, but from the other hand to get known new technologies and how they make our life better.

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Universities experience in management and marketing studies will help to do analyses of rival companies and make clear how company’s management can be improved or adopted from existing successful companies.

There are two important processes in building construction, foundation and roof. Both constructions are equally important for building wellbeing. Foundation need to be designed and build up right in the beginning of construction, but roof need to be carry during all buildings life period. It means that roofs are every sequenced time of period that depends on material, need to be overlaid or repaired. On this theory was born project’s engineering part. For project’s object was selected a construction firm that focused on roof construction, its technologies and sheet metal works.

By exploring roofing market will be determined its growing technologies with an aim to adopt them to selected firm. Exploring major roofing companies management, will help to improve chosen firm current way of management.

Generally this project is based on roof technologies, management marketing research. Gained experience will be applied to chosen firm development in all directions.


Develop management strategy for a small company.


1. Literature review of management prescriptive strategy development:

* Analysis of environment

* Analysis of resources

* Development of company’s vision, mission and objective

* Types of management strategies

2. Choose a company with an aim to apply management strategy

3. Literature review of chosen company

4. Develop management strategy to the chosen company

5. Develop additional management improvements

6. Conclusion

Strategic Management

Essence of Strategic Management

According to the Emergent view there are strategist that suggest that it is hard to predict future and strategy need to be more dynamic with an element of risk.

The Prescriptive view Strategic management is about defining a purpose and plans of organisation and work out the actions to achieve desired purposes. The essence of Strategic Management consist from two levels that are shown in Figure 1 and described below :

* General corporate level –

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