Detox Diets

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Detox diets are commonly known for its promise to cleanse your system of the toxins stored in the body and filter our liver. It is believed that toxins are the reason why we may feel sluggish or irritable. Over time, we accumulate these toxins mainly from the junk foods, treats, sweets, and alcohol we consume.

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There are many different kinds of detoxes and done in different ways. Some require a very strict diet of only fresh fruits and vegetables, while others require fasting altogether. Due to such restricted diets, detoxes are only done for short periods of a few days to a couple weeks. Longer periods can lead to malnutrition and health concerns. Due to this, many are skeptical of detox diets. Some say they do more harm than good to the body, while others say that a couple days of water and colorful plates of fruits and vegetables can lead to an instant increase in energy reserves or even lose weight in that time frame.

After doing some quick research, I have noticed a common trend in the answer to the question “do detox diets work?” Many start off with the same keywords when first introducing “detox diets.” Almost all of them start off with something similar to “detox diets should (…)” and this is what puts me on the skeptical side. Detox diets are claimed to do so many miraculous things. But many say that there is no real scientific evidence to back those claims up. I do believe that major health concerns are the cause of our traditional poor diet. However, a few days of “eating clean” is not going to resolve anything.

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