Designing and developing an integrated information system

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As computer technology changes at fast pace, many businesses sectors also upgrade their computer system constantly in order to stay competitive. For such, the function has become indispensable asset of the companies that process enormous amount of data and complex transactions.

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Payroll is an example of a complex transaction a company has. Its preparation is crucial since it involves accounts and requires confidentiality. The use of an integrated information system will facilitate the accomplishment of jobs easier, faster and more efficiently. According to Kanchov (2006), application program is the bridge between the users and the database, where data are stored. Thus, a well-developed application program and database ensure the reliability, flexibility, and functionality of an information system. Information technology use aims at increasing the efficiency and reliability of management and monitoring of records. Steven M. Bragg (2006) says that in payroll system the timekeeping function is coming under increasing attack, as cost accountants realize that the cost of administering a detailed timekeeping system is exceeding the value of the result information. This issue can be resolved either by reducing the level of timekeeping effort until the effort expanded equals the utility of the resulting information (which may result in the complete elimination of the timekeeping function) or by more fully automating the timekeeping and payroll functions, so that the cost of the system administration is reduced to the point where it is once again a cost-effective means of tracking labor activities. According to Chowdury (2008), Inventory System is known to be used by many financial institutions. PIM (Perpetual Inventory Method) system maintains an up-to-date record of accurate level of goods at hands by ensuring that stocks are accounted for at all times. The process includes details of all recording purchase and sales receipts and issues and running balances of all stocks. In line with this, the researchers proposed for Balaod Mindanaw Incorporated a LAN – Base system for a fully secured and reliable data, easy maintenance, and quicker data retrieval. Balaod Mindanaw Incorporated has decided to automate its transactions. BALAOD-Mindanaw traces its beginnings to Balay Mindanaw Foundation, Inc. (BMFI) legal program as implemented by the LARGE (Legal Assistance for Agrarian Reform, Governance and Empowerment) Unit. BALAOD Mindanaw is a non-stock, non-profit organization that aims to help in the advancement of the legal and justice issues of different marginalized sectors and communities in Mindanao in the context of active people’s participation in governance. BALAOD sets forth in following organizational goals to promote paralegal formation and provide other legal services to marginalized sectors and communities in Mindanao; to conduct capability-building interventions on local legislation and dispute resolution; to provide a venue for networking and alternative legal assistance for law practitioners, law schools and law students in Mindanao; and to facilitate the creation of a favorable policy environment responsive to the needs of marginalized sectors and communities in Mindanao.

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