Depression in Women

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Introduction on the article synthesis paper:

An article synthesis paper is meant to put across an understanding on the topic of question. This is intended to provide a general understanding on the selected topics as well as review papers which will as result provide the researcher with a solid background of how the review should be done in a normal way. In this synthesis paper I have selected four articles to write a synthesis based on the reviewed articles

The first article I chose was on “”Earlier stress exposure and subsequent major depression in aging women”” and it is an international journal reviewed by Sabrina L. Jenkins. The objective of this paper to “”finds out three major aspects of stressors in young women””.The journal speaks about how the middle-aged women suffer from major depression disorders or what is considered to be a clinical depression. It states that women who do not have these symptoms at an early stage can experienced the syndrome at an age of menopause. Alternatively, it can also relate to Normanton stressors. The research was conducted to find out an estimation of the effects of stressors longitudinally on the subsequent women average of 60. The research also exposes an attempt to explore as well as find a determination of if there is any problem on exposure to stressors in a woman early life and distance major disorder.

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To be more specific, the paper finds out three major aspects of stressors in young women. The first aspect is whether stressors in early life evocate women risks for attainingmajor depression at an old age.

Secondly: what early life stressors if there exist any would distance MDD on aging female gender?

Finally, what is the importance of strategies that are implied for identification, prevention and treatment of those risks for MDD. The focus of the journal is on the implication and how the management of the stress throughout life would lead to improvement for aging women.

After carrying out an experiment, the researcher realizes that there are several indicators of depression. The study presents these indicators based on the clinical perspectives or clinical major depression disorders. The procedure used is set on the depression, mood, or even loss of interest in or enjoyment in vital things. After meeting certain criteria which was provided by the researcher, the paper presents a finding of 565 women with a mean age of 60 that early life stressor such as increase in marital problems. The issue may increase the risk of future diagnosis of MDD AS AGING occurs. It was noted that an increase in NLE will automatically double the increases in trajectory in stressors and to lesser extend an early high significant odds for the late life MDD.

In conclusion,

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