Depression in the Elderly

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This paper explores four published articles that report on results from

research on how the depression affects the elderly community. One article is a study done on the elderly in a nursing home and the other three provides information on mental health and how people can improve on being more understanding and caring towards the elderly.

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This study was performed in an elderly house in Pristina-Kosovo by European Psychiatary association. There was 86 people living in the house from ages 65-94. They were checked by a psychiarist for depression with the Beck Scale and geriatric depression scale. (F. Drevinja, S. Haxhibequiri)

Assessments and Measures

Many of the residents had symptoms of depression: refusing food, inactivity, and neglcting their health. Many have never been treated for depression. The researchers had difficulty dealing with the residents over the age of seventy due to health issues, dementia. F. Drevinja, S. Haxhibequiri)


The researchers found that life in the elderly home was quite organized and they weren’t under-staffed. They had a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, nurse, dentist, physiatrists. Although the home had all of these resources for these people, many of the residents were very depressed. Many residents lost hope for the future and lost their confidence as they got older. The researchers found that 5 people of the eighty six people living there which have psychotic symptomatology, while others, over the age of seventy years old have been in need of treatment with antidepressants. (F. Drevinja, S. Haxhibequiri)


Depression is the most common and serious mood disorder in the world according to the DSM-5.

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