Denver International Airport Project

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1. Project Concept and Strategy

1.1 Is the decision to build a new airport at Denver a strategically sound decision? Give Reasons for your opinion.

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Yes, the decision to build a new airport at Denver is a strategically sound one. This is because Denver’s Stapleton Airport was experiencing brisk growth prior to deregulations. Deregulation meant open market competition that would bring air travel within the reach of average person thereby increasing air traffic at the Stapleton Airport. Moreover, the regional council of governments predicted that the airport would not be able to handle the necessary traffic by 2000.

Stapleton could have been modernized giving it a lease of life for another five years but Denver’s remote location meant that the insufficient capacity problem would still persest and could cause city to lose valuable business.

Denver Stapleton airport was also one of the major connecting airports and was ranked in top ten worst air traffic bottlenecks in United States. These bottlenecks at Denver affected other airports as it had only two runways located very closely to each other which in bad weather were considered one. The new airport was meant to solve this bottleneck problem for Denver city.

Stapleton airport was affected by high velocity winds which resulted in operations being shifted from one direction to the other, this procedure wasted 45 minutes. The new airport would bring this time to 4 minutes thereby saving cost and time for the airport.

1.2 Using the Gray and Larson’s model, write a simple project scope statement for DIA project.

Project Objective: –

Constructing a world class international airport that would serve the needs of the city for at least fifty to sixty years with an estimated cost of $1.7 billon.


Building a world class international airport for Denver City.

Ten 12,000 runways and two 16,000 foot runway.

327 foot FAA air traffic control and a base building structure.

Runway/taxiway lighting system.

Creation of a buffer zone to protect surrounding residents.

Building three concourses with 72 airline gates and 18 commuter gates.

DCV baggage handling system for the entire airport.


Passing of Airport Referendum.

Land Selection and other legal clearance

Airport Design

Project Management teams selection

Construction of the runways

Construction of airport facilities

Opening Day

Technical Requirements:-

Continuos noise monitoring and limits on business which are in direct competition with the existing business in Adams County.

Prohibiting residential development within 60 LDN noise level.

Translucent tent-like roof for the Airport.

Runway/taxiway lighting system.

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