Defining Professionalism

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Compassionate, pleasant, intelligent, and a team player is a short list of significant characteristics in which define professionalism. Professionalism is often mistaken as being good at a profession. For example is a lawyer professional because he or she won the court case? In the field of physical therapy a therapist must embody certain qualities to be professional.

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Working day in and day out with the public one must have a pleasant personality to patients as well as being personable. Most patients are not thrilled to participate in physical therapy; the patient seeks therapy because of an injury that limits functional activities. To be professional a physical therapist must show compassion and empathy in effort to understand how the patient is feeling and how this injury has affected his or her life physically, mentally and socially.

While expressing compassion and empathy it is imperative for the physical therapist to develop a relationship with the patient. A relationship must be established in order for the patient to be compliant through each session of physical therapy and trust the knowledge of the physical is factual and ultimately going to bring them one step closer to achieving the goal that was established on evaluation day. The clinician should be respectful to everyone involved with the patient including themselves, the patient’s family, healthcare professionals, and insurance providers.

2. Patients will have a high expectation of their physical therapist and want to see their physical therapist embody professionalism. The patient would want to feel comfortable in the clinic and feel respected at all times. It is important for the patient to feel as if there receiving optimal care each visit, otherwise they will not want to continue with physical therapy. I foresee the patient wanting my attention during the majority of the treatment and want explanations as to why some of the modalities and techniques are being used throughout sessions. I will be obligated to inform the patient using layman’s terms without overwhelming them with scientific language. As the professional,

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