Defaulted Sukuk And Bonds In Malaysian Capital Market Finance Essay

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What are the basic characteristics or features of defaulted sukuk and bonds in Malaysian Capital Market and is there any difference between the characteristics?

Question No. 2:

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Is the financial performance of Sukuk different from the fixed income securities?

Question No. 3:

Why did the issuers of defaulted sukuk and bonds failed to pay their obligations?

Question No. 4:

Research Objectives

The first objective of this research is to do a comparative study of all defaulted or "D rated or suspended" sukuk and bonds in the Malaysian market by comparing the characteristics (see Annexure-1) of both types of issuers. The purpose for this comparative study is: to identify why these corporations failed to pay, which sukuk structure defaulted the most in Malaysia and identify the reasons behind it. The author is of the opinion that there may not be any concerns with the approved sukuk structures but there might be other practical characteristics within issuer or company that may be the cause of these defaults.

Second objective of this dissertation is to explore the relationship between all the defaulted sukuk and bonds in the Malaysian market by comparing the financial performance of the issuers of these sukuk/bonds to see if there are any differences between the health of the issuers or merely nomenclature, a simple change of name from bond to sukuk. The basic objectives and requirements in structuring a bond or a sukuk transaction are to fulfill the funding needs of an organization. Investors in these transactions are usually concerned with the financial health of the issuers. The health of any corporation can be measured through the analysis of its financial performance. A study of defaulted sukuk and bonds may shed light on meeting both organizational and investor needs.

Data Source

To achieve above-mentioned objectives, the author will focus on the secondary data available in published papers, books, magazine articles and databases available on Islamic finance, sukuk and bonds via the Internet. The researcher will consider both quantitative and qualitative study to achieve these objectives. The quantitative data will be collected from financial statements of defaulted issuers and SC, IFIS and BPAM websites. These databases give extensive information on Islamic capital markets. The BPAM database is especially designed to cover the bond market in Malaysia, housing all the basic information regarding the bond or sukuk issue available today. The IFIS database is a specialized Islamic finance database; this will be used to compare the Malaysian sukuk market with other issuers in the world. The quantitative data will help the researcher to collect data regarding financial performance and growth of the sukuk and bond issues in Malaysia and compare it with sukuk issued internationally.

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