Daycares Should not be Allowed to Give Toddlers Milk

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There has been an issue on whether the children in daycares should be given breast milk or formulas. This is an issue that has brought about mixed reactions from various scientists, daycare providers as well as some mothers. Not everyone advocates for the idea of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months. While some mothers have adopted using whole milk and formulas for their toddlers some claim that they actually prefer breastfeeding and others even delay the weaning process. Daycare providers who are against the idea of mothers providing expressed milk have given various issues on why they are adamant to the idea. Again turning to the scientists in many cases they insist on exclusive breastfeeding if the mothers are in a position to do so owing to the multiple benefits of the milk to the baby. Others on the other side claim it is important but not necessary especially in settings that formula can be used. What does the government say? Policies have are for the idea of breastfeeding and even offer more incentives for those mothers who breastfeed. Additionally, there is no policy that prohibits children in daycares from taking the breast-milk. The dilemma comes in for parents who want to enroll their toddlers in daycares, should their children be allowed to continue taking their expressed milk or should they adapt to formulas?

“”Mothers who are separated from their infants face a great deal of stress under the best of circumstances. The use, storage, and handling of their breast milk in daycare settings should not become another burden of concern for them. Breast milk is the best nutrition and health protection for the baby, whether it is delivered directly through nursing at mother’s breast or from a bottle by a caring child care provider.”” This was La Leche League’s statement to daycare providers. This is a clear summary of the feelings of most mothers who have chosen to exclusively breastfeed. Every mother has a right to their toddler’s feeding and nutrition habits and therefore imposing restrictions is actually going against their rights. Despite the fact that those who are against their children taking formulas have a choice to take their toddlers to schools with more friendly policies, they shouldn’t be discriminated in any way. Actually, the law states their choice and protects their right to breastfeed clearly under the federal Sex Discrimination Act 1984.

According to the law any daycare provider profit or non-profit cannot refuse an application or fail to offer places for the children who are breastfed, has no permission to ask the mother to stop breastfeeding when a child joins daycare, must let the mother to either provide expressed milk or breastfeed in their premises, has to feed your child on breast milk if that’s what you please and support the mother in this as long as the child is in their hands. Some daycares today are for the idea that children adapt formulas and other supplements and actually start taking solids after the age of 6 months.

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