Database And Spreadsheets Of Metropolitan Geniuses (MG) Company

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The following essay is a summary about the development of a secure and organized database and spreadsheets of Metropolitan Geniuses (MG) Company to be used in the Information System department. The essay will contain development of a sustainable database technology to run the spreadsheets used to list down contractors needed by their clients as MG is a SME company. The essay will give description on how the company prefers to make the database which should have eight named contractor’s files which are, database specialist, programmers, website specialists, network engineers, data security officers, designers, analysts, system testers and other.

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The essay will give a description for the development of a two filed table spreadsheets that contains clients’ and contractors’ information which are then linked to the access portal. The essay will outline the use of Access database in developing the spreadsheets for the clients and contractors explaining the advantage of Microsoft Access over other form data web servers to share reports with end-users. Spreadsheets and databases share some common characters but databases have a higher technical processing. They are used to store and manage different types of data, although database is the best used method of storing data as it stores data values in tables which make them appear organized because they are arranged in columns and rows. A single row in a table is known as a record and a single record contains a value for each column in a table. The use of database Microsoft Access is the best as it is accessed over the web because they run on servers. Running of a secure and well accessed database one has to use a well established SQL platform and the database created with a good programming language. Access database offer a good manipulation of data, therefore developing such a database for MG is best suited using this form of database as they require various data in their system and can be able to be accessed by various clients on their access web. Access is a simple database solution for small and medium businesses and works best for even beginners starting to use the application. MG requested for a table of clients’ and contractors’ information, description, fields and even fees incurred. This kind of information to be able to be displayed and be organized well one requires Access application as it has good formats and calculates data smoothly. Use of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) language is the best choice for such process as it will make the instructions needed to be executed easily using this language. Because Access allows importing of information from other Microsoft applications then the previous clients’ information and the contractors’ information needed can be copy pasted from the spreadsheets information acquired from the contractors like ID,

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