Darkness In The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Humanity, Perfectly Flawed Beings.

We, humans, are ignorantly foolish creatures. In the ending of Some Like It Hot, Osgood says, Well, nobody’s perfect! (Philip). Just like Osgood does with Jerry, we constantly try to prove to ourselves and others that we are merely flawed and that we are ultimately good, Yet time and time again we act incoherently and do wrong to others and ourselves.

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How many times have we lied to people we know and love just because it was easier? Far too many times have we justified our wrongdoings as merely small mistakes, or that we didn’t mean to, or that others have done much worse. But these justifications are exactly what makes us flawed in the first place. The inability to see our mistakes and learn from them allows us to repeat them time and time again. Some of us have done worse than others, but we are all inherently flawed and imperfect. We all make mistakes, and we all hurt other people in one way or another.

As previously mentioned, everyone has does something, for lack of a better word, bad. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little kid or a grown adult who claims to be a saint, everybody has done wrong things in your life. Many of them may seem small and inconsequential to most people, but they are still inherently wrong. Examples of such day to day flaws humans make can actually be located in the acclaimed play, The Diary of Anne Frank. While the play itself tackles themes of humanity and goodness in the world in the midst of an evil situation, the people in the play themselves do simple average wrongs, that is as previously mentioned, still wrong. On page 536 of the play after Anne just had an argument with her mother she tells her father, I love you, Father. I don’t love anyone but you, It’s true. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. You’re the only one I love . . . (Goodrich and Hackett).

Even though Anne does retract this statement, the fact that she said this and thought this meant that a part of her really did feel this horrible feeling. She says something wrong but tries to justify it by saying she loves her father. The casualness of how she said it infers that Anne thinks nothing of what she said. Anne’s mother meant nothing to her at that moment. A small mistake, still a very bad one. There are many contemporary works that exhibit the same kind of trifle of a mistake Anne makes. A great piece of contemporary work that deals with themes previously mentioned is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the main characters,

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