Cyber Warfare

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Cyber-war, the use of computers and the internet in conducting warfare in cyberspace, has been introduced as both an effective offense and defense towards modern warfare. Presently many countries have developed a policy towards cyber-warfare. The US, although a strong influence to the world, has yet to step up and create an effective policy towards warfare. One that should state what the military would do to respond to a cyber-attack, what defines a cyber-attack and what the government will do to take effective measures against a catastrophic attack. Along with that, what advantages does this new type of warfare have against modern warfare and is it worth the massive amounts of training and investments. Also, in what circumstances should a cyber-attack be used? The US should come forth with an efficient policy discussing the matter directly and including its future uses of cyber-intelligence. Presently, cyber-attacks are uncommon; however they still pose a risk in the future of war and security of a nation. Every country should take measures in ensuring they will be ready for an attack. Because of this extraordinary hazard, the US should make considerable ventures in organizing methods to secure itself and its nation against it. Three cyber security experts say, “US policies toward defending against cyber-warfare need to take a different approach than the government has against other forms of attack. ” It would be difficult for the US to have a fight in cyber-warfare as it is “difficult to identify attackers, especially when some nations appear to be sponsoring private attackers. ” If the US were to follow other nations with using private assailants, other nations could possibly see this as unethical and even malicious. As a nation, the US is presented as the country some look up to. Its image has to stay clean, or it could cause uproar with other nations. One problem that not only the US but other countries face is that there is no strict definition of a cyber-attack.

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