Customer satisfaction and swot analysis

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As the project is about Customer Satisfaction and Swot analysis of Thesis Binding, It is a marketing research project, for that I have collected the data by using various techniques like questionnaire and by telephone as well. The questionnaire made in different formats for in-house and out-house separately. Out-house survey is being done in the various university of Kolkata like Calcutta university, Jadavpur and so on.

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And for in-house survey, we are surveying those customers who have already done their thesis binding from Dhar brother. Various parameters in the questionnaire have been used to measure the satisfaction level of the customer and also to find out what are their needs or what they exactly want from the company and to determine the swot of company.

After that analysis of collected data will be done to get out conclusion and recommendation

The objective of project is to get idea of what kind of promotion strategies is required by company to increase sales and to attract more customers and apart from that what new services are required company to increase customer satisfaction level and what is the strength, weakness , opportunities and threat for company so company can take action to use opportunities, and to mitigate threats and weakness to get competitive advantage and increase business revenue and profits.



Dhar Brothers is a family owned business base in Kolkata, West Bengal and it was founded by Late Rash Mohan Dhar in the year 1930. Dhar Brothers started with only book binding in a very juvenile stage and then by the help of supportive community and companies hard work, Dhar brothers is known as a reputed Thesis paper maker in Kolkata .

The Dhar Brothers have a huge client base of student or professionals who need binding of their thesis or project work. The companies target customers who are doing research work as well as those students doing their P.H.D. from all the universities of Kolkata and its nearby cities or areas.

Over the years, Dhar Brothers have broadened our job profile, which now includesDATA PROCESSING, PRINTING, BINDING, PICK UP DELIVERY. It is possible because of Mr. Kishore Dhar who did Herculean task with heart and soul together. Driven by technology, Dhar brothers is able to serve many outstation and foreign clients as well with whom we get in touch through mail orders.

Dhar Brothers have experience of more than 75 years in this trade. Dhar brothers provide customized services to scholars to all the universities according to their specifications. Company’s vision is customers delight. And Dhar Brothers hope is Dhar brother achieved it, and with their blessings, Dhar Brothers are now a most recognized thesis company in Kolkata.

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