Current Marketing Strategy – Healthcare Market

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Current Marketing Strategy Health, organized by two entrepreneurs who are expert in medicine supply market, is about to enter the mature health care market. Improve digest system, supplement nutrients are common need for personal, professional, and other people. Research shows that the United States has 262millions spirulina subscribers, and 70 percent of the populations consume spirulina. Our competitors, Elken is the spirulina leader, with 39 percent of the global market.The runner up is Dongtai City Spirulina Bio Engeering Co., Ltd, with 25percent of the global market.In the U.S. market, – Dongtai City Spirulina Bio Engeering Co. Ltd. is the market leader. In order to gain market share in this marketing environment, we must fully concentrate to target specific market segments with features that can deliver benefits valued to each consumers. Market Description Health’s market consists of consumer and business user who have strong awareness of health for health caring or living with the high standard life. Specific market segments being targeted during the launching phase which is include professional, organization, students, businessman, and medical users. Table below show how the Health addressed the needs of targeted consumer and business segments. Consumers can select a suitable product among models based on several different health care product, including species from Elken, DongTai City, King Dnarmsa and other variation. Health licenses an organic species because it bring more benefits to human body and enhance our immune system. Tablet and powder are popular spirulina options. Health is equipping organic, providing more nutrients, and more convenient to digest. This will allowed users to absorb nutrients at the simple way just from eating tablet of spirulina. Researching technology of spirulina costs are increasing as the capabilities of spirulina are increasing too, and it makes value-priced product more attract to consumers and business users with traditional way to gain all of the nutrients that body need.

Target Segment Customer Need Corresponding Features/benefits
Proffesionals (consumer market)
  • Reduce the risk of various cancer
  • Supplement 48 nutrients
  • Strengthen immune sysrem
  • Provide B-carotene, the nutrient that people really need to keep blood circulation successfully
  • Easy to capture 48 nutrients compare to eat more than 40 types of vegetables
Students (consumer market)
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Improve digest system
  • Provide B-carotene, let them always have good anti system and good spiritual to participate activity
  • More easy to absorb the food nutrients
  • Present health all of the period
Female or Ladies (consumer market)
  • Beauty and weight-loss
  • Rich nutrients enhance skin in brightness status
  • Cell of spirulina help digest system process well
Corporate users (business market)
  • Improve body constitution
  • Brain supplement
  • Eye-sighting
  • 48 nutrients are very useful to avoid easy to get disease
  • Improve the ability of sighting and prevent eye painful after using computer
  • Supplement your brain with rich nutrients to make them more intelligent
Medical users (business market)
  • Reduce the risk of various cancer
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Improve digest system
  • Provide patients have strong immune system and their disease will get cured soon
  • Easily to absorb any nutrients that are eaten
  • Strong anti-system decline various cancer

Product review Our main product,

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