Cure for Racism

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Even though slavery and separation of races ended many years ago, racism can still be found in nursing today. Racism is an immense fault that many health care professionals exhibit in the field. Working in the healthcare field revolves around patient centered care.

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A major part of patient centered care is accepting the patient’s culture, race, background, and ethnicity. “As nurses, we meet and engage with people from all walks of life and cultures in our practice” (Holland, 2018, p.xii). It is important for healthcare professionals to respect and accept patient’s cultures and race. Effective care cannot be achieved if there is no respect for the patient’s culture, trust and a relationship with the patient cannot be built.

Racism reflects negatively on a hospital or care facility and makes a patient apprehensive to return. Shephard analyzes patient’s responses to racism in healthcare and “…participants who had experienced racism were more likely to be afraid of visiting typical health care services” (Shephard et al., 2018). Patients who experienced racism during their time in health care facilities become apprehensive about returning. Patients feel as though they are unworthy of healthcare and would prefer to go to a healthcare facility that has a multicultural community. A facility that contains a multicultural community provides the patient with the respect and acceptance they deserve. The diverse group of people working there appreciate the patient’s culture and understand it. Shephard conveys in his results that Native American’s and other minority groups received poor treatment and were hesitant to return to normal healthcare facilities. A patient should not receive anything less than normal treatment because of their race.

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