Cultural Differences Between Americans and Brazilians

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Different nations have different cultural practices. Even though globalization has to lead to the extinction of numerous cultures, most Americans and Brazilians still practice their traditional cultures. Today most people think that because Brazil is in America, they have the same culture. This is not true since both America and Brazil have numerous differences regarding their culture.

Perhaps many people may argue that both the US and Brazil have similar collections of ethnic and racial groups, that is a big minority of indigenous individuals, such as blacks and immigrants from Germany, Italy, and Asia. The presence of the minority groups in both nations was led by activities such as slavery and colonization during the19th-century (Wade, 2017). Chinese predominate the United States while Japanese predominate Brazil. Globalization and the rapid advancement in technology have demonstrated that technological revolution hasn’t done much in altering the way of life and the belief of many people (Moran, 2014). With this in mind, I propose research on the differences in culture between Brazilians and Americans. This is because culture is social hence it is not an individual occurrence, it is a product of society, and it grows from social interaction. Culture is differentiable to us by comparison. Thus we should compare different cultures.

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Cultural differences between Americans and Brazilians

Due to the rapid advancement in technology and development in infrastructure the world today has turned into a global village. This because the rapid advancement in technology and infrastructure have made communication across time and space easier, not forgetting traveling across any geographical borders. However, this technological revolution has not altered anything regarding culture and way of life of many peoples (Moran, 2014). Different people define the term culture differently. Most people define culture as the beliefs and the way of life of a given community of study. In a detailed definition, culture can be defined as the beliefs, rituals, languages, ideas, and traditions of a certain community or group of people, which are inherited from generation to generations over a long period. In the society we are living in there are no two cultures which can be similar if one is found in the west, the other will be located in the East.

In broader terms, numerous scholars refer to culture as a complex pattern of human activities. These activities include literature, language, religion, and art of a society which represents their culture. Most people may argue that since the United States and Brazil are located in America, they have the same cultural activities. At some point, we may disagree with such ideologies even though both countries have some similarities. However, the differences in the human activities and beliefs have led to the development of diverse cultures in different countries all over the globe (Hughes,

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