Influence of Global Business

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| Cross cultural influence of global business | |  | |Contents | |1. Introduction | |2. Reed Elsevier | |3. The emergence of a company culture | |4. Products of a company culture | |5. Transference of a company culture | |6. Leadership and Structure | |7. Types of corporate culture | |8. Analysis of values | |9. Future projection | |10. Conclusion | |11. Bibliography | | | |1. 0 Introduction | |Culture is a term that encompasses areas of human activity and interest. It is ‘The integration pattern of human behaviour that includes thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs, values and | |institutions of a race, ethnic, religious or social group. ’1 | |If cultural settings are misunderstood or ignored in different regions, then the risk of failure to a business is enormous. In this age of the global marketplace, aided by the use of the Internet, the need to | |understand and adapt to cross-cultural issues is at its greatest. |In business terms, specifically a global business with offices throughout the world, culture becomes critical to a firm’s success. It is ‘…where balance between consistency and adaptation is essential’2 and must| |be addressed in a cohesive and intelligent sense. | |This case study will outline the importance of culture and its influence on Reed Elsevier (RE), in terms of its organization, its values and its success. | |It will analyse RE’s organizational structure, its global reach and the cultures it is influenced by. It will identify the emergence of defining its own specific corporate culture and the unique elements that | |have emerged from the formulation of its values. | |I will also cover the role of the company’s CEO and his influence in producing a cultural change within the business. An analysis of the products of this change will be presented and an analysis of the values | |and characteristics of RE and where the company will have to maintain its focus in the future. | |2. 0 Reed Elsevier | |Reed Elsevier (RE) is an amalgamation of two publishing companies. They originally date back to a Dutch business being formed in Rotterdam in 1880 (Elsevier) and Reed being formed in 1894 in Kent, England. Both | |companies enjoyed success for the best part of the next 100 years and in 1993 Elsevier NV and Reed International PLC merged. 3 | |‘Reed Elsevier’s corporate goal is to be the indispensable information provider for our target customers in selected professional markets. 4 | |Those markets include Science, Education, Legal and Business. Since the merger it has employed an aggressive expansion strategy resulting in being a global publishing presence, employing over 38,000 people | |across all continents. | |The merger of the two companies may have been a troubled time were it not for the fact that the two companies shared many cultural similarities. The management structure of the board of directors represents both| |the Netherlands and the UK. The reserved British attitude was well matched to the cautious and considered approach of the Dutch.

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