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One may think it is unfair to try so hard to accomplish a goal, and in the end it seems that all their hard work and everything they lost paid off for nothing. David Mamet once said “…it is the human lot to try and fail… ” I agree with this quotation because it cannot be truer in my own life, as well as the tragedy Antigone by Sophocles in which two tragic heroes Creon and Antigone have to endure the pain of trying and failing. To the naked eye it may seem although Creon and Antigone are the complete opposite of one another, however Creon and Antigone are enduring the similar experiences throughout the play despite the despise they have for one another. Creon and Antigone both have the characteristics of tragic heroes but demonstrate those characteristics in different ways. Both Antigone and Creon have belief in their freedom, Antigone believes that her stature to decide what’s right should not be compromised because of the fact that she is a woman; While Creon believes he has the freedom to do whatever is necessary to assert his authority. Creon and Anitgone  exhibit extreme pride or “hubris” in which Creon believes that his power over rides the power of the gods and Antigone is willing to give up her own life just to ensure her pride that she would do whatever it takes to honor her brother. A sense of commitment is demonstrated when Creon is determined no matter what to carry out his punishment on Antigone, and Antigone is willing to withstand that punishment by Creon. Both characters exhibit a capacity for suffering or “pathos”. Antigone is willing to withstand the pain of killing herself when placed in a tomb. Creon does not feel any guilt when sending Antigone to her death in the tomb, however after Creon’s son, Haimon , kills himself Creon shows his vulnerability and that he does in fact have the capacity to suffer.

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