Critical Analysis of Trifles by Susan Keating Glaspell

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Susan Keating Glaspell’s background influenced her to write Trifles. One important influence on the drama was the author’s case that she reported when she worked for The Des Moines Daily News. In Literary Contexts in Plays: Susan Glaspell’s Trifles, just after Glaspell graduated college in 1899, she started work for The Des Moines Daily news. Bailey McDaniel had said that Glaspell first became aware of the Hossack case and subsequently became interested in not the case itself, but the public’s strong reaction to it.

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As being a reporter Glaspell worked closely on the case, which she wrote multiple stories about an Iowa woman by the name of Margaret who killed her husband, John Hossack, with an axe. By comparison, Mrs. Wright, who never showed her face in the drama, had killed her husband the same way he had killed her bird. Though this case is about Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Hale, the neighbor of the Wrights, is seen to be the protagonist. In addition to her upbringing, another influence on the drama was her husband. On April 14, 1913, Glaspell married George Gram Cook, a rebellious son of the prominent Davenport family (Susan Keating Glaspell). According to Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale, Staci Stone explained that Glaspell had to announce this drama ahead of schedule as to during the time period she was living in, she had to abide by her husband. Glaspell had said, I didn’t want my marriage to break up so I wrote Trifles. Perhaps another important influence on the drama was the social impact that was around her. Usually when a person goes on trial, they are evaluated through their peers. This is not the case as it was said that women did not have the ability to serve on juriesfemale violence towards husbands was prohibitive (McDaniel). Trifles was written in the early part of the twentieth century during World War I and before women had the right to vote in the United States of America. This background, together with a believable plot, convincing characterization, and important literary devices enables Glaspell in Trifles to develop the theme that deals with the female role in society and how justice has a whole different meaning to different people.

To develop this theme, Glaspell creates a believable plot through a social conflict and a determinate ending. Glaspell formulates a believable plot through the protagonist’s social conflict. The protagonist, Mrs. Hale, deals with how the men treats her while in Mr.

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