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Criminology Research Report Introduction The issue of criminal justice, as well as criminology, has experienced a tremendous increase in the study over the past few years. This is evidenced by the increase in the number of individuals enrolling in the subject worldwide. There... [ view article ]

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Rogerian Argument Acker, a professor of criminal justice in this book gives an overview that comprehensively presents the general view of the death penalty in America. The book covers crucial issues in respect to arguments made in court, court decisions, and research... [ view article ]

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Out of Jail, but Still Imprisoned: The Media’s Impact on Criminal Justice Everyone loves a good crime story, and because of that love, the media loves to rush in immediately to cover the story. Due to the frequent lack of information on a new case, the media tends to start coverage by... [ view article ]

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Human Trafficking and Female Practices Prostitution The question as to whether prostitution should be legalized undoubtedly remains one of the exigent issues of public discourse. The underpinning factors influencing the views of many people hinge on public morality, culture differences, religious considerations, human rights and so... [ view article ]

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