Criminal Justice in Saudi Arabia

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Criminal Justice in Saudi Arabia Introduction: The current Saudi court framework is made out of a Supreme Judicial Council, First Instance Courts and Courts of Appeals. Saudi Arabia additionally has a regulatory legal body called Board of Grievances which remains close by the Courts System and is subsidiary specifically with the King. The board judicial capacity is brought out through Board of Appeal Circuits, First-Instance Circuits and Circuits of Appeals.

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Each of these legal bodies has jurisdiction over cases acquired before it understanding with the law. Moreover, the Saudi legal framework has a few managerial committees that arbitrate civil, criminal and administrative cases. The judicial jurisdiction of every panel is constantly controlled by the declaration which constituted it.

Current Saudi Arabian Courts System:

At present, Saudi Arabia has a double judicial framework included the Shari’ah Courts System and a free managerial judiciary known as the Board of Grievances. Notwithstanding the past legal bodies, there are a few Administrative Committees have jurisdiction to hear certain predetermined cases. Additionally, the Law of the Judiciary allows the foundation of particular courts by, Regal Order on the suggestion of the Supreme Judicial Council. As per the Law of Judiciary and Basic Law of Governance, Courts of Shari’ah have the jurisdiction over all question and crimes aside from those exempted from jurisdiction by law. The Shari’ah Courts hear cases identified with individual status, civil disputes, family affairs and most criminal cases. Be that as it may, diverse laws and regulations have conceded jurisdiction over distinctive crimes and cases to either Board of Grievances or to Administrative Committees. Supreme Judicial Council: The Council reviews judgments including death penalties and certain other, real crimes. In its administrative capacity, the Council’s part is crucial in making judicial precedents and general principles that lower courts are certain to take after; the Council additionally investigates Shari’ah questions that oblige an announcement of general Shari’ah standards, eluded by the Minister of Justice. Its consultative capacity, the Council reviews and gives sentiments in matters alluded to it by King or by Minister of Justice. Meetings of Council’s Permanent Panel are administered by regulations that request participation and voting. Courts of Appeals: The Saudi Arabia Courts of Appeals are second level in the current Saudi Arabian legal framework. A Court of Appeal is made out of a chief judge and an adequate number of senior judges from legal group. The Court comprises of a few boards with jurisdiction over criminal cases, instances of individual status and different cases that don’t fall into the initial two classifications. The Court of Appeal can create the same number of panels as it needs, and Chief Judge or the one of his delegates must head each of these panels.

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