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In sukuk, credit risk means that the probability of an asset or loan becomes unchangeable due to a failure or delays in payment and if the correlation involves in engages by written agreement then the counterparty risk is the probability that the counterparty rebound on the situation of the delegate. Other than that, the outcome can be tough with a fall in the value of a bank’s assets and credit and counterparty risks essential in Islamic finance. They are one and lone due to the essence of Islamic financial instruments that somehow to be transformed to the basis of the Sukuk asset collective.

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Meanwhile, it has a different in conventional financial institutions and Islamic banks no need to access to the derivative instruments and other credit risk management mechanisms due to Sharia thoughts. Major Sukuk issuances have mostly bear on assets based on Ijarah, Istisna, Salam and Murabaha contracts. Other than that, there is several credit risk considerations joined with these modes of finance. Firstly, Salam contracts are bare to the risk that goods will not be endow on time or will not fulfil to the deal allotment and besides that Istisna contracts entail in performance risk. The client of the bank may fail on the conditions of the contract and the subcontractor may fail to make the vital services. In addition, there is also a coupon payment risk that connected to Sukuk and in case the obligor fault to clear all the payments of the demand coupons on time given. However, the asset reclamation risk might be arising as the underlying assets and might not be amply redeemed when the originator has to buy back from the certificate holder. Besides, there are also specific risks connected to the SPV such as the belief of making a payment risk entailed with the SPV where the maker need to repay back the certificate holders through a clearinghouse. Apart from that, the Sukuk coordinate are bared to a liquidity risk. Presently, sukuk coordinate do not have good structured and adequately aqueous derivative market and many of the credentials cultivate to be held until maturity. In addition, the hidden assets of the Sukuk credentials are also refer to a risk of shortfall which is a crucial risk in the case of accoutrements and massive degrees arrangement and yet there is a potentiality to lessen the risks of asset losses by using purvey for assurance to redeem back in the mould of Takaful. Types of Investment Sukuk Description of Investment Sukuk Shariah rulings and requirements Salam certificates These are documents of equal value issued for the sake of mobilizing Salam capital and the items to be delivered on Salam basis are owned by the certificate holders. Issuer: Sells Salam commodity Subscribers are: Buyers of that commodity. Mobilized Funds: The purchase price of the commodity,

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