Creative Product Promotion

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creative product promotion     P5: Campaign is the powerful marketing tool in any organisation. It rise the brand awareness toward the globe and so as the profit to the business. In order to create an effective campaign strategy, the marketing team need to know the key element of the successful campaign. H-world mobile group is the Chinese company which is dealing in manufacturing electronic such as mobile, television, laptops and etcetera. In this task, I will design a promotional campaign for the H-world mobile. Creating a successful campaign, there should be enough researches and surveys which assists to know the target audience, the launching period and the perfect time to advertise in the Medias. Product: h-world mobile is the android smart phone touchscreen. It is about 5 inch and very thin whereby a person may carry it even in pocket. The memory storage is of about 64 giga-bites. So far, there are phones are available in four colours which are black, white, pink and blue dark where both male and female may choose the colour they want. The target market of this phone is high quality people because the phone has important feature which is new in the market. Demographically, the target users is from 18- 45 years people. The unique selling point of H-world mobile is having an emergency button on bottom right side which function when emergency happens. The button is connected to the insider system and so when go over it, the place location may be seen in the emergency stations like police and fire emergency services. This influence many people eager in purchasing the phone. And this is differ this phone and the competitors. The main competitors of H-world mobile are Apple and Samsung. Packaging is important in business, the packaging of the H-world mobile is in the box, blue for men and red is for women. The boxes is designed with silver letters and the shining silver logo. C:UsersAishaDesktopholding-cell-phone.jpg Figure 1: present the H-world mobile phone (diagram from wisegeweek,n.d). Price: the value of the product is very high in the market as they are just introduced. The price will be 345 rial Omani which is affordable to middle and high income earners. The discount is there of 5 rials. For the frequent customers or the customers who buy more than five phone, the will be a customer relationship programme whereby the customer may get the benefits when he/she redeem certain amount of point. The pricing strategy which the business used is skimming method. This tend to be high initially, but when competitor produce similar product, immediately the goes down. Skimming price strategy influence many people to purchase the product because majority believe that the higher the price, the best the product is. Apart from that, establishing the skimming method helps the organisation to recover all the costs that they have spent in doing surveys and researches. Many competitors launch their phones with penetration prices since they have no such huge unique features that influence the customers to move from one brand to another.

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