Creative Evaluation of “IT” by Stephen King

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The novel “”IT”” by Stephen King tends to be a very horrific book. The story revolves around a town known as Derry city where children are the primary target of the so-called the Crown that reappears after every 27 years. The book commences with heavy rain all over the Derry town forcing the residents to remain indoors (King, 2017).

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One afternoon it was raining heavily, and a young boy named, George was helped to make a newspaper boat by his elder brother. As we all know, children like having fun, and as a result, George one of the leading characters places his paper boat on the surface flowing water and followed it very happy. Never did George know that he was chasing his death. The boat got into a trench where the boy met the Crown who sweet talked him convinced George to take the boat but in the process, he got killed. Personally, the book scares me though I love reading it, I hate most of the chapters where children are being hunted by the Crown and get devoured.

Motivation in writing this Book

King expresses his reason for writing the IT novel, and I am now aware of some of the motivation that led to the writing of the book. King was at one time coming from lunch at a pizza emporium with his family after which their car got a problem, and they had to leave it at a dealer for fixing. Later on, after two days, the dealer called late in the afternoon at around five and King had to go for the car (King, 2017). King preferred walking towards the dealer rather than asking for a cab since it was just a few miles away. He felt lonely walking along the road at this time a thing that shows that he was terrified and this is evidenced the moment he reaches the wooden bridge along the way.

King says that the bridge produced a scaring sound while on board and he wondered what he would do if a troll called from beneath and at the very same moment he thought of writing a book on the real bridge and a real troll. He thought of a bridge as a city and a troll being something under the city causing havoc to children within the Derry city. King also thought of a corridor used to separate children and the adults in a library a place he used to live and decided that the corridor might be a bridge where children have to go through to become adults (Grixti,

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