Course of History: Boston Tea Party

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Throughout the course of history, there was not just one independent act that led America to fight for her independence. It was multiple series that eventually led the colonist to fight against Britain. The colonies decided to confront and rebel against British rule when Britain decided to tax the people without consent from the British Parliament.

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The topic of this paper will cover the causes and the effects the Boston Tea Party had on the colonies. Everyone knows the story of how Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean in search of a new route to India but instead landed in the Americas. Technically he landed in the Bahamas, not on actual America soil. So it was not really Christopher Columbus who founded America, but Amerigo Vespucci. When Columbus landed in the Bahamas, he thought he found a route to India, so he assumed America was India. When Columbus came back from his voyage announcing a new route to India, Vespucci began to question the veracity of Columbus’s claims, (Lauer and Schlager).

Vespucci first problem is that the length of Columbus’ voyage was less than a month. He believed that it was too short a period of time to travel such a great distance. Vespucci’s second problem was based upon the fact that Columbus had sailed directly west from Spain. Vespucci set out to gather his own empirical data and signed on as an expert astronomer for the next expedition funded by the Spanish monarchy. The ships sailed westward and reached the coast of what is now Brazil, (Lauer and Schlager). Along with mapping the entire coastline,

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