Correlation of police and racial profiling

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A host of Americas underprivileged minorities are accused of being involved in illegal offenses during their ordinary daily routines. This use of stereotypical appearances of ethnic background as a foundation for accusing one of engaging in criminal offense is known as racial profiling. (Dictionary,2018).

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This is a dilemma that is notably done by police officers, along with other state and local authorities. It is exercised daily within inner-cities, counties, suburban areas and more. Officers target these people without any form of evidence or probable cause to suspect such accusation. Racial profiling is in violation of the U.S Constitution equal protection clause and unreasonable search and seizures (U.S. Const. amend. IV; amend. XIV). The American Civil Liberty Union (2018) illustrates, how racial profiling disconnects society from law enforcement, interfere with community policing, and damage the trust that the community should in officers to protect and serve. Racial profiling is known to affect the behavior of policemen judgement with weapon use, unjustified stops, and the safety of their well-being (policemen) when in the presence of a stereotypical person of color. Nadal, Davidoff, Allicock, Serpe, Erazo (2017) elaborates on the victims like, 18 year old Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, who was an African American that was killed by an officer; 12 year old Tamir Rice of Cleveland, Ohio who was an African American ; and 37 year old Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, LA who was an African American that was killed by and officers. This just goes to show that racial profiling of minorities is at an all-time high. These current incidents direct me to the research question, what is the correlation between the police and racial profiling of minorities?

Literature Review

Controversial Matter

Discrimination alone, has always been a problem within the ethnic and non-ethnic races, but racial profiling had taken a toll on today’s youths and adults. The literature work Perceptions of Racial Profiling: Race, Class, and Personal Experience elaborates on the controversial matter throughout the recent years and examines current surveys on people’s personal views on racial profiling along with recent data of studies done with police officers and their daily interaction with the ethnic group in their jurisdiction Weitzer, Tuch, 2002).

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