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Corporate Sponsorships

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Because of the housing crisis, Americans are facing one of the worst economic recessions in generations. This leads to budget shortfalls all over the country, states like California are closed to bankruptcy. Financial prudence is a must and one way to do this is through corporate sponsorships. For years corporations have sponsored high school sports. Their ads are found on the outfield fence at baseball parks or on the walls of the gymnasium, the football stadium, or even the locker room. Corporate logos are even found on players uniforms. My school for example is sponsored by Pepsi in return for my school to sell their products in the vending machines. Pepsi sponsorship allows for us to have Channel 1, be privileged with vending machines and to have money to support the different sports affiliated with Wolfson High. While many may not agree with this motive, I personally feel that it’s a blessing for my school to have a sponsor especially because we are a non-profit public school. With this sponsorship we have opportunity to watch Channel 1. Channel 1 always has educational and necessary information available. For example, one day while watching Channel 1 in class a segment aired about a third world country that had no money to enforce proper educational needs to the children. This specific segment inspired my classmates and I to start a mini foundation to raise money to donate money to these less fortunate victims. Another reason I’m thankful for my schools sponsorship is because it enables us to have vending machines that just for $1. 5 provides us with a thirst quenching Pepsi product beverage. I think that is such a blessing! This decision makes it so that the student body has options, which is a good idea to balance out all of the mandatory rules that have to be followed. The machines have a great variety of beverages that range from water to juices and they even house tea. I love the diversity. Drinks can be purchased at lunch, after a long hour of gym class or even after practice from a sport. Pepsi really hit a homerun with this one! The most important reason for corporate sponsorships is to assist different funds for much needed materials/supplies. At Wolfson ROTC has the Navy on their side to pay for uniforms and things of that such. Pepsi plays a big part in all the sports because what little money there is has to get divided equally among all of the athletics. Without a sponsorship most schools, mine especially wouldn’t have sports for the simple fact of: where’s the money coming from to support the teams? So I’m reiterating how grateful I am for my school being fortunate enough to have a corporate sponsor. Despite how I feel about corporate sponsorships, there are many individuals that disagree with the idea. Some school officials feel as though it takes away from the focus that the students should have on their work. Teachers don’t want the students late for class because they are walking slow to browse at all the “Skittle” pamphlets along the halls. In conclusion, being a high school student myself I personally feel as though corporate sponsors make lots of things happen for my school especially in the athletic division. As I stated earlier, without sponsors at my school sports would only be a vague fantasy that was thought about every once in a while. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions since this issue seems to be pretty controversial. While everyone might not agree with it, they need to hop on the band wagon because most of the time corporate sponsorships are for a great cause and are more reliable than not.
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