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Free Contract Law Essays and Papers Pdf

What is Contract Law? The law of contract is a set of rules governing the relationship, content and validity of an agreement between two or more persons (individuals, companies or other institution) regarding the sale of goods, provision of services or exchange of interests or ownership. While this is a wide definition it does not […]

Does It Matter Who Recruits Candidates To Enter Contests For Local Office?

Contest for local office, just like contests for national offices is vast on some things. It is comprehensive and almost touches on all matters pertaining use of right channels in political practices. The law is well articulated in the politics tort as well as the contested regulation, but the two bear a direct relation to […]

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Valuable Consideration in Contract Law

Valuable Consideration in Law of Contract Consideration: Consideration may be the benefit that every party will get or expects to obtain from your contractual deal — by way of example, Levis wall socket gets your cash; you receive the jeans. In order for consideration to deliver a legitimate basis to get a contract and understand […]

Unconscionability as the Basis of Rendering a Contract

ASSIGNMENT “Discuss whether the doctrine of unconscionability is appropriate to form the underlying basis for a claim of voidable contract on the ground of undue influence” TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction Common Law Countries’ Position England Australia Canada Malaysia’s position Conclusion Bibliography Introduction According to the Contract Act[1], in section 16(3) when a person entered into […]

Problem Answers on Tort Law

Tort Law Can the owner, Mary successfully sue Tom for the damage to her car because of negligence? Identify and discuss the essential element of the tort law that she must prove. To sue Tom for the damage to her car, Mary need prove three important factor: Tom owed them a duty of care: She […]

Option Contracts

Subject – Company law 1 Option Contracts -An analysis of position in India Background Put and call options are one of the preferred mechanisms for investors in India, both foreign and domestic, and in different type of transactions like joint venture, stock market, etc. In lay man’s term a put option enjoyed by A against […]

The Offer Contract Agreement

Offer Contract Agreement Peter acquired a Degas painting. On 2nd May, he sent a telex message to Manjit that he was prepared to sell the Degas painting to her for £240,000, but that he “must receive an answer within seven days.” Manjit replied immediately by telex, stating that she was willing and that she would […]

Damages Clauses

Contents: 1. Introduction P.2 2. The criteria necessary for a purported liquidated damages clause.. P.3 3. The main factors of claims P.4 4. The benefits to Employers and Contractors in a valid liquidated damages clause P.5 5. If the liquidated damages clause is not held to be valid and enforceable P.6 6. Conclusions and Recommendations […]

Legal Issues in Construction

  Introduction   The industry of construction is very vast in UK, which sometimes contributes to 10 percent of the total GDP of the country. Many commercial issues have been grappled with it, all of them were in sharp focus by the critical climate of economy, since the mid of 2008. The essential nature of […]

Contracts made through Adverts

Lefkowitz v. Great Minneapolis Surplus Store, Inc. 86 N.W.2d 689 (Minn. 1957). Facts The case Lefkowitz versus the Great Minneapolis Surplus store addresses the common misconception of offers and contracts that can appear in advertising. Lefkowitz, the plaintiff, noticed an advertisement in a local store that offered the sale of fur coats that were valued […]

Introduction to Contract Law

CONTRACT: A contract is a legal binding between two companies, businesses or parties that unites them in an agreement which is protected by law. A contract between the parties can be created verbally, in writing, by conduct or by all these means. And this contract becomes a valid contract if it has all the essential […]

Innominate contracts

What were the innominate contracts? Where did they come from and why were they important? The very term innominate (literally âwithout name) is potentially confusing since these so-called contracts are named very specifically. The term refers to their place in the system of classification of contracts in Roman Law rather than their possessing the characteristic […]

Good Faith and Contract Law

Good Faith & Contract Law “the governing principle … applicable to all contracts and dealings “. This statement was made by Lord Mansfield in 1766 and was an (unsuccessful) attempt to raise good faith to the level of a general principle, the common law as it subsequently developed rejected his initiative. The traditional law of […]

Employment Law

Employment law Contents Introduction Internal labor organization The Ministry of Labor To who does the law applied? The employment contract The features of a limited or a fixed term contract: The contents of an unlimited term contract: Information that are significant in an employment contract Probation Periods Wages Disciplinary Code Termination of contract End of […]

Elements of a valid contract in Business Law

Introduction All contracts are agreements but not all agreements are contracts. A contract is a binding agreement between two or more individuals that is enforceable by law. The Law of Contract in Malaysia is governed by the Contracts Act 1950. Section 2(h)[1] states that an agreement enforceable by law is a contract. Offer and acceptance […]

Elements of a valid contract

Introduction (125 words) We bump into contracts almost every day. Contracts are usually being made orally e.g. boarding a train, purchasing coffee at a shop, purchase cloth at an online store. However occasionally written contracts are sometimes required, such as when buying a car or an apartment. A contract were created because that there is […]

Domestic legistaion

Abstract The brief will investigate the potential problems that can arise in electronic contracts. It will discuss some of the problems and discuss how the domestic legislation and the international entities endeavour to regulate such contracts to ensure that Ecommerce continues to grow and thus promote the growth of a healthy economy. Introduction When parties […]

Contributory Liability

Corporate Laws II Introduction There are several factors makes a company stand apart from any other part of business. A company has separate legal entity, has perpetual succession, limited liability et cetera. All these and many more factors make a company different from any other form of business. The topic of this project which relates […]

Contract Law Problem Question

Contract law problem question – Posh Posters (2500 words) This scenario relates to two companies, Pretty Paintings Limited (“Paintings”), and Posh Posters Limited (“Posters”), who are engaged in the poster trade. They have entered into commercial relations with one another in respect of some stock, namely 1000 posters, which Paintings has offered to sell to […]

Contract Law in Malaysia

Question (a): Introduction Contract is an agreement that leads to legally binding and legally enforceable between both parties, as stated by (Latimer, pg275). It is crucial to understand the meaning of “contracts”, without an agreement which legally binds and enforced, there would be no business. In Malaysia, there is contract law in a statute, the […]

Contract law and communication

Discuss, with reference to court judgements, the extent to which “communication” in the law of contract is a vital component of both an offer and an acceptance. It is well established in contract law, that an offer and acceptance are prerequisites in the formation of a valid contract. There must also be intention to create […]

Contract Law Advice

Legal Issue: Is Jehni able to legally force Jek to sell the charger at $25. Relevant Rules of Law: 1. Contract is an agreement giving rise to obligations which are enforced or recognised at law. What the parties agree on must be clear and unambiguous. In order for a contract to be legally binding, four […]

Contract Law Advice Style Answer

Arron and Tracy have entered into three different types of contracts. Firstly, there is a contract for sale of goods between Tracy and HAL[1] for the purchase of the coffee machine. Secondly, there is a contract for service among Arron and Matthew for the decoration of the hallway. Then, there is a contract for sale […]

Contract and Tort Law

2A) Fact and issues Entertainment Sdn Bhd rented the Very Lucky plaza hall for the pageant for RM500,000 and they also paid the deposit of RM100,000.The hall was old and dilapidated so Wan asked to touch up the places and it cost Very Lucky RM 50,000.However, a faulty wiring caused fire and burn down The […]

Contract agreement

Introduction A contract is an agreement between the two or more parties in which an offer is made and accepted for the mutual benefit. In this report we will take a real life contract agreement and would familiarize ourselves with legal issues involved. Well will study and explain the terminologies involved in a Lease Agreement […]

A Problem Question on Contract Law

Introduction A contract refers to an agreement between two or more parties which is legally binding in the eyes of the law. Based on Contract Act 1950, section 2 (h), an agreement that is enforceable by law is a contract. Any other agreements that is not enforceable by law is said to be void, section […]

A history of contract law

Under the Roman law of obligations, there were four forms of contract: consensual contracts, verbal contracts, contracts re and contracts litteris. Furthermore, there were three forms of verbal contract: dotis diction (concerning arrangements for dowry prior to marriage), iusiurandum liberti (the oath of service made by a freedman immediately after his manumission), and stipulatio. This […]

A Contract Law Problem

Question 1 Issue The issue is whether the contract entered into by Harry, a clerk in the factory office is enforceable against the company. Rules A company can enter into a contract by the virtue of s124. There are several ways a company can contract with the outsiders. One common way is to affix the […]

Exclusion clauses in contracts

The issue is whether the exclusion clause Coaches Ltd intends to rely on was incorporated into the contract, and if so whether it is effective in excluding Coaches Ltd’s liability. The first point is thus whether the exclusion clause was expressly incorporated into the contract. The clause was printed on the back of the invoice […]

Conditions warranties and innominate terms

Cedric entered into a contract with the Distinguished Hotel for the wedding reception of his daughter Ali and groom Benno s big day. In the contract Cedric made with the hotel he was assured that all 300 of his guests would be seated in the chosen function room with a view of the top table, […]

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