Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Construction

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Dissertation: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Construction


The following dissertation focuses on a personal development technique called Continuing Professional Development(CPD). With the world of construction constantly changing, professionals in the industry need to keep up to speed with the changing elements of the industry nationally and internationally.

This dissertation assesses the CPD process that the industry’s institutions provide for members and assesses how CPD is carried out. It also looks at how beneficial CPD is to the professionals who participate and the company they work for.

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By the end of this dissertation the role of these institutions should be easily identifiable in professional development and how participation can give working professionals a competitive edge on-site and help them progress in their careers both in and outside their existing company.

This dissertation also encapsulates the opinions of some of the professional members of the industry involved in CPD. It will assess how CPD has influenced them in their career and will make recommendations on how to refine the process.


This chapter explains the core elements of the study which includes a definition, hypothesis, aims and objectives, parameters of study and research methodology.

Definition of Topic

The definition of CPD in general is continual learning, regardless of age or seniority, which focuses on professional competency in a professional role. Its aim is to improve personal performance and enhance career progression.

Over recent years the benefits of structured CPD have been identified within the construction industry. To become a chartered professional under a construction based institution(e.g. the Chartered Institute of Building(CIOB)) professionals must show they have been involved in a structured CPD process. Records must be maintained to show this before professionals may transgress.

With the current economic climate, construction professionals need to keep their knowledge and skills to the optimum to ensure progression within their company and give them an advantage when looking for work elsewhere. CPD not only applies to the working professional but also to those unemployed who want to increase their chances when opportunities occur.


CPD improves the performance and enhances the career progression of a professional in the construction industry.

Aim of Dissertation

The aim of this dissertation is to produce a piece of work that explains the process of CPD in relation to the construction industry. The dissertation will also assess the advantages of CPD; identify why it is important and how it can be improved.


The objectives of this dissertation are to:

  • Explain what CPD is in general and in a construction context.
  • Identify which construction related professional institutes provide a structured CPD system for their members.

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