Consumer Reponses To Sex In Advertising

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This study analyses the Chinese and British consumer’s responses to sexual content in advertisements, the advertised brand and consumer’s buying intentions towards the brand. Focus groups will be the principle research method used in this study, totally 32 Chinese and British participants (including 16 male 16 female) will attend the focus groups discussion. The purpose of this study is to examine the differences in the effect of sex appeal on advertising and brand evaluation between Chinese and British consumers.

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This investigation will also explore whether gender or product involvement will have any significant relationship with consumers’ attitudes regarding different sex appeal ads.

Rationale for the research

Advertising is an important global marketing strategy, it is important for managers to know whether they can use standard advertisements in each of the places where their brands are sold or whether they need to “localise� the advertisements my modify them to adapt the local cultural. The appearance and popularity of using sexual appeals in advertising has become a serious issue in the last 50 years. When using sex in international advertising, it is important to figure out whether sex appeal could be adopted cross national. Whether the effect of using sex in commercials is vary by country and cultural background. The main goal of the present study is to examine how the effect of sex contained advertising and consumer’s attitude toward these advertising and associated brand vary in different cultures by comparing Chinese and British consumer responses. There are many differences in social systems, cultural backgrounds and marketing and economic approaches between these two countriesChina is considered one of the largest developing countries in the world which has made it a target market for manufacturers from around the world in recent decade, whereas the United Kingdom is a highly developed Western country and is one of the main exporters to the Chinese market. The overall research objectives were defined as follows:

1. Fill the existing Gap in Chinese Research into Sex and Advertising

Compared to the British regulators of the 1990s and early 2000s (Independent Television Commission, Broadcasting Standards Commission and the Radio Authority) which carried out a number of studies into the consumer’s attitude and responses toward sexual content in advertisements, the study in this area in China has been rare. One of the purposes of this research is to gain a comprehensive understanding of Chinese consumer’s responses of sex appeal advertising; what are the responses of Chinese audiences when they are exposed to sex appeal advertising? Does sex in commercials sell for Chinese consumers? This study could help the managers who targeting Chinese market understand the attitude and responses of the specific type of sexual content in advertising. This study will also investigate the specific type of sexual appeal which might cause public offence.

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