Consumer Preferences Towards Lays Chips

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Acknowledgment All the thanks to Almighty Allah, Who bestowed us with courage & ability to achieve this opportunity. We would like to thank Ms. Zainab Rehman (Course Instructor) for her continuous support and guidance she has rendered for the successful completion of this project. We have collected the data for our research through survey method and questionnaires and we are in no confusion for saying that this activity has enhanced our knowledge about the Research work. It is the result of the efforts of our respected teacher who provided us all the possible directions and information for this purpose. We hereby take this opportunity to thank all those people including our friends and colleagues who have helped us for the successful completion of this project. We express our gratitude’s towards our parents for their encouraging support, incandescent sprit and endurance towards the making of this project. In the end a special thanks to all members who are directly or indirectly associated with the project. Declarations We hereby declare that this “Research Project” and it is neither as a whole or as part have developed report entirely on the basis of our personal effort, made under the guidance of our project supervisor Ms Zainab Rehman. No portion of this work presented in this dissertation has been submitted in support of any application for any other course of any other degree program or qualification of this or any other university or institute of learning. It is further stated that whole document is as the partial fulfillment for the “Research” course in B. B. A Degree Program. We understand and transfer the copyright for this material to the department of IMS (City Campus) Multan. DEDICATION “To Allah Almighty who is the most beneficent and the merciful and who is always with us in our loneliness and in all our difficulties”. AND Our efforts on this report are solely dedicated to our loving and supportive Friends and teachers” Executive Summary: The project purports to decipher the satisfaction level as well as the preferences of consumers pertaining to the trends in snacks industry and the various flavors of Lay’s, a new range of savory snacks launched by Pepsi Co. in Pakistan. We aim to analyze the success, marketability and future growth prospects of Lay’s. Basically we intend to find out the most popular flavor of Lay’s in the market from our sample and consumer trends towards snacks. Snacks are a part of Consumer Convenience/ Packaged Foods segment. Snack is described as a small quantity of food eaten between meals or in place of a meal. Snack food generally comprises bakery products, ready-to-eat mixes, chips, namkeen and other light processed foods Snacks as such are, a very minor part of the food processing industry. Snacks are mostly preferred by children and youngsters to fulfill their appetite for the time being. Of the wide range of snacks available, potato chips constitute a sizeable segment of the Pakistani snack food industry, according to Pakistan Info line. The potato chip market is generally an unorganized industry.

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