Congressman Beyer on Affordable Housing

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Congressman Don Beyer understands the inherent need for the families of civil servants and veterans to be provided with affordable housing to call home. Looking across the Potomac river, Congressman Don Beyer recognized the effectiveness of the Montgomery County program, the Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU) system, and wishes to apply lessons learned across the river to his constituents in Virginia.

Congressman Beyer plans to introduce a legislative initiative that would retool the current program – Affordable Dwelling Home (ADH) – in order to provide an overwhelming expansion of housing available for civil servants and veterans. Additionally, this initiative will conduct a total review of the application process for determining the need for housing based on the income of an applicant. Congressman Beyer also understands that in order to sustain future ADH development and foster a competitive, well rounded program, the needs of the program must be based upon square footage of housing units, rather than solely basing development of the program on the number of housing units built, so that the district, counties, townships can be better prepared to accommodate the influx of families.

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During his tenure as congressman, Representative Beyer has voted in favor of numerous bills that protect the housing of veterans and civil servants in his district and around the nation. Drawing from his legislative and philanthropic record, Congressman Beyer has time and time again shown his total devotion to standing up for the housing rights for all that inhabit this country. In the house, Congressman Beyer is not afraid to stand up to Republicans, but has also shown his willingness to reach across the aisle to his Republican counterparts and reach legislative agreements between parties. The protection of housing rights of not only his constituents by the American people is of the utmost importance to the legislative agenda for Congressman Beyer.

Congressman Beyer, a lifelong servant to Virginia and its people, offers a continuation of a positive choice for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. Congressman Beyer is committed to fighting for every inch of legislation for Virginia, and will strive to create unbreakable bonds between Virginia and Capitol Hill, while reaching across party lines to better strengthen the standing of the United States.

In 1991, social and political scientist Daniel Kelovich authored the book, Coming to public judgment: Making democracy work in a complex world, in which he wrote about the public’s attitudes towards issues and credit claiming, and made a compelling distinction between public opinion and public judgment. According to Kelovich, public opinion reflects the current leanings of the public on an issue at any given moment. This then, by its nature, fluctuates at the total whim of the public. Public opinion is not necessarily based upon knowledge of facts, but more reliant upon the emotional ebb and flow driven by the media.

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